I have assisted Collins Design with graphic design since 2017. My responsibilities include prototyping multipage booklets, designing new materials and revising existing collateral for publication. My work includes calendars, brochures and more complex die-cuts. Beyond being an InDesign wizard, my assignments require typography solutions, Photoshop manipulation, color correction, asset management and working on tight deadlines with 24-48 hr. turnarounds.

2019 Construction Management Calendar

This calendar is designed for construction and contracting businesses, so every page needs be full of helpful resources and corresponding services. It is also an opportunity to spread the word about Recology’s Better At the Bin program.



Recology needed to revise the information they distributed to customers about how to properly sort their waste. The card is hung on the bins and serves two purposes. First, it educates about the new sorting guidelines visually and in three separate languages. Second, it features a perforated tab for drivers to capture issues at individual residences.

First page, front and back panel.

The second page was longer to account for the card that could be torn off by the driver. This solution solved the issue of multiple hang tags, costly die-cuts and how to track sorting mistakes.

Most of my designs require typesetting and formatting for multiple languages.



l have nearly a decade of experience working with individuals and businesses to produce: 
brand identities, logos, press kits, posters, album art and promotional collateral for print and digital. Here are some of my favorites:

FOU FOU HA: Burlesque Clown Troupe

I expanded on the Fou’s existing logo for 11”x17” event posters and an Electronic Press Kit.


For this music marketing project, I designed a custom typeface and created the imagery by digitizing a hand-made collage. Then I created graphics for social media banners.


Brian is a producer and podcaster, he wanted an elegant and clean logo system that still had some flair.


COFFEE FOLK: Hand Made Type

Coffee Folk in Fort Worth, TX needed to reverse engineer a hand-burned logo for their new third wave coffee truck. I helped vectorize and clean up the design.


LUNCH BEAT: Lunch Hour Dance Parties

This client needed a versatile logo to promote their mobile, office party business. It needed to be sleek, but also groovy.


If you play games using an app or console you have probably seen these rating icons. Most games and apps carry ESRB ratings, including all those available through digital marketplaces like Microsoft's Xbox Live store, Google Play, Nintendo, and the PlayStation Store. The Electronic Service Ratings Board needed to convert vectors to pixel sets to conform to consistent and persistent design standards for use across the globe. Over 12 weeks I iterated pixel-perfect versions of existing logos for display on digital devices.

CALAsset 3classicVects.png

Brief: Optimize eight sets of icons in Illustrator’s pixel preview mode to look identical to their original vectors.
My Role:
Primary Designer 

Art Director: Dmitri Kalmar
Tools Used: Illustrator in Pixel Preview mode


Typically, anti-aliasing is a good thing, but these icons needed to look precise on even the smallest devices – like wearables. I methodically went through each set of icons and cleaned up the pixels for clarity and conformity – whether it was 32 pixels squared or 300 pixels squared.

All change requests were done over email from the NYC office.


Curves and angles were especially challenging.


Each of the eight sets were used for ratings services in different countries, averaging about 4o icons per set. They all required their own art board for easy export and revision.


I even got to see them in action when I published my app.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.23.23 AM.png